Dry needling Brisbane

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Dry needling Brisbane 6 things Brisbane people need to know about dry needling Dry needling Brisbane is a popular therapy. What is dry needling? Many Brisbane people contact us with the question, “What is dry needling?” It involves the insertion of fine acupuncture needles into points on the body. If that sounds similar to [...]

Finding the best Brisbane acupuncturist and best Brisbane massage therapist

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With hundreds to choose from, finding the best Brisbane acupuncturist and best Brisbane massage therapist can seem daunting. There’s little doubt we all want the best when it comes to our health. Qualifications and referrals extremely important. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you will find a good match for you. Think about these things as well. Location of [...]

Reminder! Our Brisbane acupuncture appointments now available four days a week

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Just a quick reminder that acupuncture treatments at our Holland Park, Brisbane acupuncture clinic are now available four days a week. Our acupuncture practitioners are Nathan Francis and Margi Macdonald. Nathan Francis is available Mondays, Thursday and Fridays. Margi Macdonald is available Wednesdays and Saturdays. Call them on 3342 0010 for a confidential chat or [...]