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Stretching is an important part of muscle health.

It is a simple, quick and effective way to bring oxygen rich, nutrient rich blood into the muscles, making them more supple and relaxed.

A relaxed muscle is less likely to tear or go into spasm. This means a decrease in body pain and an increase in general wellbeing.

Most of us think of stretching in association with cooling down after exercising or playing sports.

Of course, stretching at this time is an important part of decreasing your chance of injuries.

However, stretching can also be incorporated into your daily living to give you more energy, introduce gentle body awareness and keep your muscles more relaxed and less prone to pain or injury.

When you work for long periods in one position, your body needs breaks.

You can achieve this by simply stopping every hour to stretch.

If you’re at the computer, do some neck rolls; on your feet, stretch your legs and low back; at the wheel, stop and stretch your neck and shoulders.

Simple five-minute stretches every hour can save you from painful, stiff muscles at the end of a workday.

Stretching regularly can also give you more awareness of your body and the ability to stop and relax your muscles consciously and ward off potential injuries.

A little stretching throughout the day can go a long way.

Next week, I’ll start blogging some easy stretches that you might like to incorporate into your daily routine.

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