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If you are looking for a great remedial massage therapist, you’ve come to the right place.

Soothe is a boutique Brisbane remedial massage studio located in Holland Park on the south side of the city.

Our seasoned remedial massage therapist, Adrian Jackson, is at the top of his field.

He’s been massaging for more than 12 years and has two remedial massage diplomas: in Western and Chinese (Tui Na) remedial massage.

A Brisbane remedial massage Brisbane with more than 12 years of experience

For over a decade, Adrian been the go-to massage therapist for people wanting to feel better.

Adrian has massaged the likes of celebrity TV chefs, dancers from the Paris Opera Ballet and cast members from musicals such as Chicago.

But it’s what he can offer you that really drives him.

Adrian’s unique massage techniques, blended with his ‘sixth sense’ to find the parts of your body that need most attention, makes him in demand.

Being a member of the Australian Natural Therapists’ Association means Adrian can offer you health fund rebates.

Tui Na Brisbane

Adrian Jackson

Remedial masseur

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Why you need a remedial massage

Remedial massage is ideal for restoring and maintaining your health and wellbeing.

It can relieve the symptoms of a number of health conditions, whether it’s an achy knotted muscle, recent injury, chronic strain or a stress-related problem.

Releasing tight muscles helps blood and lymph to flow freely, which can serve to reduce blood pressure and release endorphins: the body’s natural painkiller.

Here are just some of the conditions that Adrian is experienced in:

  • whiplash
  • neck pain
  • low back pain
  • tennis elbow
  • frozen shoulder and general shoulder pain
  • knee pain
  • leg pain including sciatica
  • plantar fasciitis
  • tendonitis
  • overuse syndromes
  • fibromyalgia
  • carpal tunnel
  • stress
  • pulled muscle
  • and much more.

Our remedial massage approach

When you first come into our Brisbane clinic, our remedial masseur will consult you about your problem and identify what you’re hoping to get out of your treatment.

He’ll then conduct an assessment to work out the cause of your problem.

After that, he’ll recommend a course of action that will aim to return you as fast as possible to your usual self.

This course of action will involve your initial massage.

Before and during your massages, Adrian will review this therapeutic approach.

If you’d like to know about his specific massage moves, feel free to chat with him during your treatment or at any time before or after.

He may use heat therapy or stretching, depending on what is most appropriate for you at the time of your massage.

A note about sports massage

If you are a competitive athlete or someone who’s keen to keep up their fitness, our sports massages are ideal for you.

Sports massages can help reduce the chance of injury and assist in rehabilitation by speeding up recovery. And more importantly, they can assist in enhancing your sports performance.

A typical sports remedial massage program at Soothe includes:

  • pre-event sports massage
  • advice on adequate warm-up before and after events
  • ongoing remedial massage during an event
  • recovery and post-event remedial massage.

Soothe’s remedial massage therapist has many years of experience in helping sportspeople – professional and amateur – to achieve their athletic goals.

Is massage safe? And other questions …

When practised by qualified therapists, remedial massage is a safe and effective therapy. In Australia, anyone can call themselves a remedial massage therapist, so check their qualifications. Those registered with health funds have the right training.
Try it. You’ll be surprised. Like acupuncture, more scientific evidence is mounting about the clinical efficacy of remedial massage.
  • To restore balance and stop pain
  • To increase blood circulation
  • To mobilise joints
  • To help heal soft tissue injuries
  • To enhance range of motion

“The staff are friendly, professional, talented and passionate about their work.

“I have severe back problems and after only 1 Tui Na Bodywork treatment I can touch my toes again which I haven’t been able to do for 2 years.

“Can’t wait to go back.”

Client, Brisbane

“Adrian is very professional and easily the best masseur I have come across. I have gain a lot of movement back and feel so much better for seeing him.”

Mick, Brisbane

Remedial massage pricing

First consultation per injury or onset of pain

One treatment area (45 mins) $72
Two or more treatment areas (60 mins) $90

Follow-up consultation

One treatment area (30 mins) $54
Two or more treatment areas (45 mins) $72

Health fund rebates available

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