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A sure way of reducing tension and stress, and promoting a general sense of wellbeing is to experience a relaxation massage at our Brisbane studio.

We offer a unique massage that aims to de-stress and, most importantly, helps you feel like you’ve escaped the everyday busy-ness of life.

We call it five-element relaxation massage. It’s Swedish massage plus more.

Using hand-blended essential oils inspired by the Chinese medicine theory of the five elements, our relaxation massages not only realise the full benefits of aromatherapy.

They tap into the body’s energy system, called Qi, as well.

It’s this fusion of east and west – coupled with the experience of our massage therapist – that makes our relaxation massage Brisbane sessions unequalled in their therapeutic effect.

Come to our Brisbane relaxation massage studio and experience it for yourself!

A Brisbane relaxation massage Brisbane therapist with 12+ years of experience

“Hi there. I’m Adrian Jackson, Soothe’s relaxation and remedial massage Brisbane therapist.

“I’ve been offering this type of massage at various massage studios in Brisbane since 2006.

“Why that long? I love seeing the faces of my clients after a relaxation massage. They are so Zen’ed out, it’s simply terrific to see.

“If I can help you also relax and chill, and escape the hectic life so many of us now lead, let me know. I’d love to help you out.

“For over 12 years now, I have worked from my own space in Holland Park Brisbane, at Soothe.

“Since I started massaging, I have been a continuous member of the Australian Natural Therapists’ Association, the peak association for massage therapists.

“I hope you enjoy the little sanctum I’ve helped to create here!”

Tui Na Brisbane

Adrian Jackson

Relaxation masseur

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Why you need a relaxation massage

Our relaxation massage therapist, Adrian Jackson, uses long, gliding strokes to relax the muscles and encourage blood flow back into the heart.

Massaging the muscles makes a positive effect on all systems of the body – blood circulation, nerves and nodes – energising the body and promoting a sense of health and wellbeing.

If you are into scientific research, consider this study by Rapaport et al in 2010, which showed that relaxation massage positively influences hormones and the immune system.

Here’s what you can expect in our relaxation massage sessions

Adrian uses a range of massage techniques to soothe body and mind.

They include long gliding strokes, friction, tapping, gentle shaking and kneading of the soft tissues of your body.

Oil is used to enable a gliding sensation, which we also scent to promote a maximum sense of bliss.

And the best thing? All this is tailored to how you want a massage.

You determine the depth of pressure.

Usually with a relaxation massage, people don’t seek to address a specific problem.

But, Adrian can spend additional time in key areas if you wish, such as the neck and shoulders, or lower back.

After a foot massage?

No problem!

Our foot massages are very relaxing, working on many levels to soothe, calm, balance and boost your body, mind and spirit.

Massaging the feet is not invasive. It is deeply relaxing yet surprisingly energising.

While you may feel you are being pampered during a session, don’t underestimate the powerful effects it can have.

The indigenous American Indian cultures, Egyptians and Chinese independently developed methods which were all based on the same principle.

“My first 5 star review is very deserved. I started going to Soothe a couple of months ago for a sore neck and after the wonderful job Adrian did, I have been back nearly every fortnight since.

“Recently I broke my foot, yes I know this has lead me to spending too much time yelping about the various places that have helped me towards my recovery, but I have to shout out to the world about what a fantastic job Adrian has done massaging my leg and foot to help it heal better.

“I can honestly say that I leave Soothe, feeling so much better. So if you haven’t tried them – then please do. Best part is that my health insurance covers a large chunk so it’s not as dear as I thought it would be.”

Triple win. 🙂

Max, Brisbane

“Adrian gives focused attention to my needs are when giving a massage and I always feel better afterwards.”

Victoria, Brisbane

Relaxation massage Brisbane pricing

Body massage

1/2 hour: $56
1 hour: $92

Body massage, and foot bath and massage

3/4 hour: $74
1 1/4 hour: $108

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