Welcome to Soothe’s Brisbane acupuncture studio

Whenever you come in for an acupuncture session to our Holland Park Brisbane clinic, know you are in good hands.

Each of our acupuncturists has more than 12 years of experience in addition to their four years of full-time studies.

They have the compassion, understanding and insights that could be what you are seeking.

Our acupuncturists take the time to understand their patients’ health problems.

They review multiple angles to work out the best path forward.

Pragmatists, they understand the importance of providing honest advice of what will and won’t work.

Schedule an appointment to learn how they could assist you.

Who comes to see us? People from all walks of life, young and old.

Highly trained and registered Brisbane acupuncture therapists

Margi Macdonald is a member of the peak professional acupuncture body, the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA).

In addition, Margi is registered by the Chinese Medicine Board to practise acupuncture in Australia. Margi commits to abide by the board’s high standards, codes and guidelines for the Chinese medicine profession.

Always eager to learn, Margi undertakes 20 hours of continuing professional education each year.

This has seen her complete post-graduate studies in:

  • injury rehabilitation
  • pain management
  • pregnancy and IVF support
  • women’s health.
Margi Macdonald, acupuncturist
Margi Macdonald, acupuncturist
You are met with compassion, respect, acceptance, good humour and professionalism whenever you visit Margi.

A seasoned acupuncturist, Margi is a fully accredited member of AACMA – the peak professional association for Australian acupuncturists.

Margi also offers health fund rebates.

What to expect at our Brisbane acupuncture practice

When you first come in, Margi will take time to understand your current state of health as well as your health history.

her aim is to unearth what others may have not considered.

Working with you, Margi will design a program that aims to achieve your wellbeing goals through acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, Gua Sha, dietary work, Tui Na bodywork, and sometimes herbs and lifestyle advice.

Treatments with her are tailored to your unique constitution.

  • A thorough assessment using the Chinese medicine framework
  • A treatment program as unique as you
  • Frequent reviews and fine-tuning
  • Practical advice to take home – dietary changes, exercises, stretches and more

What happens during a treatment?

Once you lay down on our massage tables, you are invited to relax, close your eyes, meditate and even fall asleep.

Margi will select points according to your Chinese medicine diagnosis and leave the acupuncture needles in for 20 to 40 minutes.

It all depends on the protocol she is following at the time of your treatment.

Does acupuncture hurt? And other questions …

That depends on what’s happening with you at the time of your treatment.

We can chat about your current situation when you come in for your first appointment.

Know that acupuncture needles are very fine: much thinner than a syringe or even a dressmaker pin.

To maximise patient comfort, we use guide tubes when inserting.

Acupuncture pricing

Initial appointment: $130

Follow-up appointments: $85

Acupuncture with us is covered by major health funds

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