With hundreds to choose from, finding the best Brisbane acupuncturist and best Brisbane massage therapist can seem daunting.

There’s little doubt we all want the best when it comes to our health.

Qualifications and referrals extremely important. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you will find a good match for you.

Think about these things as well.

Location of the clinic

Just like going to a gym, acupuncture and remedial massage treatments are an ongoing process.

So the best therapist for you is one that’s located near your home or workplace, or maybe half way between both.

If they are too far from you, you might need to cancel appointments when life gets too busy for a long drive or bus trip.

Personality of the practitioner

Seek a acupuncturist or massage therapist who you gel with, at least professionally.

While you shouldn’t be best friends, you should feel comfortable enough to talk with them openly.

The best Brisbane acupuncturist or best Brisbane massage therapist for you should be really listening to you.

Nathan, Margi and Adrian at Soothe do!

Clinic look and feel

These are highly variable!

They can feel like a doctor’s office, a day spa or a homely space.

Choose a style that you feel comfortable with.

So if you get anxious at a medical clinic, avoid acupuncture and massage studios that feel like clinics.

Community or private rooms

Recently, acupuncturists and massage therapists have started to offer community rooms.

These are spaces where people get treatments in common areas.

They are open plan, and are designed in ways that reduce costs so you pay a reduced fee.

Some people love this style of treatment.

Others prefer the more traditional private room.

Price and private health insurance

Prices vary a lot among practitioners of the same therapy, and practitioners of different therapies.

Remember you will probably need a course of treatments to achieve and maintain your wellbeing goals.

So if cost might prevent you from seeing you through a course of treatment, you may not see lasting results.

Discuss the costs associated with your treatment plan when seeking out a practitioner.

Also, be sure to find out if your private health insurance covers acupuncture and massage.


Anyone can say they are a therapist.

So it’s important to find out the experience of the practitioner you are thinking about seeing.

Find out more about our therapists to see if they are right for you.