Self massages and stretches for neck and head tension

//Self massages and stretches for neck and head tension

Reach around and grasp the base of your neck, squeezing it with your hand

Move up your neck to your hairline, squeezing and releasing as you go.

Repeat as many times as the strength in your arms and hands will comfortably allow.

In this next move, stretch ONLY to a comfortable stretch

Use one hand to help stretch your neck forward slowly as you exhale.

Inhale and return to the start.

Then exhale as you again help yourself stretch your neck to the right and then the left.

If you have pain with this move, discuss it with your doctor before you repeat it.

Place the palms of your hands on the sides of your head and the pads of your thumbs just above your ears

Apply slow, even pressure with your thumbs, tracing along your natural hairline until the thumbs meet in the back center part of your head.

Move your thumbs up slightly, feeling for the ridge in the back of your head.

Using slow, comfortable pressure, make little circles with your thumbs back to your original hand position, as you follow the ridge and hairline.

Repeat this procedure two more times.

For extra relief, try any or all of these while standing under a warm shower.

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