Relaxation massage is a sure way of reducing tension and stress, and promoting a general sense of wellbeing.

We offer a unique massage that aims to de-stress and, most importantly, feels great. We call it five-element relaxation massage. It’s Swedish massage plus more.

Using hand-blended essential oils inspired by the oriental medical theory of the five elements, these massages not only realise the full benefitsof aromatherapy. They tap into the body’s energy system, called Qi, as well.

It’s this fusion of east and west – coupled with the experience of our massage therapist – that makes our relaxation massages unequalled in their therapeutic effect.

Foot massage

Our foot massages are very relaxing, working on many levels to soothe, calm, balance and boost your body, mind and spirit.

Massaging the feet is not invasive. It is deeply relaxing yet surprisingly energising.

While you may feel you are being pampered during a session, don’t underestimate the powerful effects it can have.

The indigenous American Indian cultures, Egyptians and Chinese independently developed methods which were all based on the same principle.


10 years of experience

Adrian Jackson is our Tui Na bodyworker, remedial massage therapist and ‘chill out’ relaxation masseur.

While he sees many people for a general massage, he focuses on relaxation techniques to relieve nervous tension.

Adrian’s unique bodywork skills, combined with his ‘sixth sense’ to find the areas of your body that need attention, makes him in high demand.

He operates exclusively from our clinic in Holland Park, Brisbane.

Find out more about Adrian >

How relaxation massage can help you


Stress, anxiety, sleep

If you feel that stress or anxiety has taken hold of you, contact us to find out how we can work with you to reduce it.


Women’s health

Like all branches of oriental medicine, women’s health has had a long history. The earliest records on gynaecological medical writings date from around 1000BC.

Relaxation massage Brisbane schedule

Body massage

1/2 hour: $52

1 hour: $86

Body massage + foot bath and massage

3/4 hour: $69

1 1/4 hour: $103

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