Nathan’s back at Soothe Acupuncture Brisbane three days a week!

//Nathan’s back at Soothe Acupuncture Brisbane three days a week!
Just a short post to let you know Nathan is back at Soothe Acupuncture Brisbane on Mondays, starting 19 February 2018.

This means that after a three-year hiatus, he’s now available for treatments at Holland Park three days a week: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We are lucky enough to continue to host Margi, who is available for acupuncture treatments on Wednesday and every second Friday.

So once again, Soothe Acupuncture Brisbane is offering acupuncture treatments five days a week!

If you are unsure how this age-old therapy might be able to help you, give Nathan or Margi a call on 07 3342 0010. Or, you can simply reply to this email.

If you are ready to book a treatment, browse through available appointments through our online booking service.

Hope you are well.

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