How we can help with respiratory issues

//How we can help with respiratory issues
How we can help with respiratory issues 2018-04-19T18:25:58+00:00

Respiratory support

Sure, acupuncture is well known for its effectiveness in the treatment of pain.

But did you know studies researching the way acupuncture works have revealed it has anti-inflammatory actions as well.

Inflammation is involved in quite a few respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergic rhinitis and others.

So it’s can be seen why acupuncture has been shown in clinical research trials to have a positive impact on a range of respiratory conditions.

See the list on this page, and make sure you check out the Acupuncture Evidence Project for more information, including links to the meta-analsyses that have been conducted into acupuncture and these respiratory conditions.

Respiratory conditions we are experienced in

The latest high-lvel clinical research demonstrates the effectiveness of acupuncture for 46 conditions, with another 71 conditions showing mixed evidence of its efficacy.

We are experienced in the following respiratory conditions. Click on the link above to see references to meta-analyses on these conditions.

    • Allergic rhinitis (hay fever) – perennial and seasonal

    • Asthma in adults

    • Smoking cessation (up to three months)

    These therapies may help you.