How we can help with fertility and pregnancy

//How we can help with fertility and pregnancy
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IVF support, pregnancy support

While acupuncture for fertility and pregnancy may seem like something new, Chinese medicine practitioners have been helping couples in the East to conceive for many centuries.

The growth in the West of acupuncture as a viable and effective option to help maximise fertility and IVF outcomes has been sparked by clinical research, which is scientifically validating its efficacy.

This has led many IVF clinics in the United States and elsewhere to either refer actively to acupuncturists, or employ them on-site as valuable members of their healthcare teams.

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Pregnancy conditions we are experienced in

The latest high-level clinical research demonstratesthe effectiveness of acupuncture for 46 conditions, with another 71 conditions showing mixed evidence of its efficacy.

We are experienced in the following pregnancy conditions, and acupuncture may offer some help to people with them. Click the link above to see the references to each related meta-analysis.

  • Back or pelvic pain during pregnancy

  • Labour pain

  • May assist with nausea and vomiting

  • And any of the other conditions listed on our website

Earlier systemic reviews suggested that evidence of the effectiveness of acupuncture to support IVF and other assisted reproductive technology was ‘unclear’.

However, a more recent systemic review by Qian et al found that …

‘Based on an analysis of the studies, acupuncture improves CPR [clinical pregnancy rate] among women undergoing IVF.’

(Reference: Qian, et al, Therapeutic effect of acupuncture on the outcomes of in vitro fertilization:  a systematic review and meta-analysis, Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics, March 2017, Volume 295, Issue 3, pp 543-558.)

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According to systemic reviews, acupuncture may help with labour pain, back and pelvic pain during pregnancy, and nausea and vomiting.

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