We offer natural therapies for fatigue related conditions including tiredness and chronic fatigue.


Most of us are only too willing to burn the candle at both ends. We work hard. We play hard.

While we think we are coping, deep down we could be exhausting our bodies.

Sometimes, people don’t feel exhausted because they are running off their adrenals. Others do feel tired, turning to drugs such as coffee and energy drinks to give them energy.

Unfortunately these types of energy bursts are short lived. They also affect the adrenals. It’s when the adrenals cannot cope anymore that people tend to burn out.

If you are working and playing hard, avoid burn out by getting at least eight hours sleep a night. Don’t take drugs either. That includes alcohol and caffeine.

Try to eat lots of fruit, vegetables, fruits and protein (meat or legumes), as well as low-GI complex carbohydrates such as multi-grain bread and pumpkin.

These foods stabilise blood sugar levels, reducing stress on the adrenals.

It’s also wise to take up yoga or Tai Chi. They are gentle forms of exercise that build the energy in you body, helping you cope with the stress of today’s living.

The secret is to pause, mend and fortify, before you burn out. And if needed, see us to connect with natural treatments for fatigue.

Types of fatigue-related conditions we can assist with

  • Tiredness
  • Chronic fatigue – including fibromyalgia
  • Non-restorative sleep – making you always tired when you wake up
  • Somnolence – which involves a constant feeling of tiredness
  • Heavy or foggy head
  • Poor memory – of everyday events, keys, people’s names

These therapies can help you

Tui Na bodywork

In China, Tui Na is practised by doctors. Our Tui Na bodyworker was trained by them.More about Tui Na

Remedial massage

Remedial massage works on pain, injuries, reduced range of motion, inflammation and circulation.More about remedial massage